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Trade Request By Cheeky Ex Member (Corbetti's Wife)

Hi all,

Sorry for the cheeky request but I'm looking to trade the 3 of tigers (which I have) for the 6 of cranes (which I need to complete the set).

Does anyone have that card and are you willing to trade it?

Merry Christmas! :)


Potential Guild Merger With Dragon Muffins

As most folk know, we have been raiding as a coalition with Dragon Muffins for ages now. It has been by far the most successful of many coaltions over the 7 1/2 years of Feral Instinct. Dragon Muffins is also a very old guild (itself a merger of Dragon Knights and Dire Muffins).

The coalition has been so successful because, in my opinion, the people are nice and its based on trust. We don't use DKP. We don't have complicated priority systems. We go to have fun as well as to achieve progress.

Looking forward to Mists it would be great to be able to share the levelling and 5 man content with them too. Unfortunately, Blizzard has not yet provided a mechanic to in some way "link" guilds and the shared chat channel is a poor substitute. Both myself and Nuroog, GM of Dragon Muffins, are open to consideration of a guild merger.

The timing is key; if we do it now, then we will soon recoup guild reputation (which is wiped on leaving a guild) whilst levelling in Mists.

We are not going to form a new guild for raiders only (as happened once before with Dark Venom). The options are:

1. Merge Feral Instinct into a [renamed] Dragon Muffins. All FI members would be encouraged, but not forced to move. FI would not be disbanded for those members (or alts) who wished to stay. Buxton would become GM of FI again.

2. Merge Dragon Muffins into a [renamed] Feral Instinct. All DM members would be encouraged, but not forced to move. DM would not be disbanded for those members (or alts) who wished to stay. Corbetti would remain GM and we would have a reshuffle of officers to make sure everyone is fairly represented.

3. Leave things as they are.

Please feel free to read the discussions over at the Dragon Muffins forum and leave feedback either there (requires registration) or here; or else mail Corbetti in-game.

The guild officers will be having a discussion tomorrow (Tuesday) evening on teamspeak - so if you want your opinion represented at that point, please act swiftly!

Patron Corbetti (aka Buxton)

Remote Guild Chat / Auction House Is Now Free

A useful addition and its available now:

Originally Posted by Blizzard EntertainmentIt’s now easier than ever to stay in touch with your guildmates and access the World of Warcraft® auction house... wherever you go.

Starting today, all of the features that were previously part of the optional World of Warcraft Remote subscription service are now available for free to all World of Warcraft subscribers. These features include:
  • Remote Guild Chat – Stay in touch with your guildmates on the go using your mobile phone.
  • Remote Auction House – Bid on items, create auctions, and collect gold via your mobile device or through the official World of Warcraft website.
We hope this change will make it easier for players to stay connected to each other and to the game, and we encourage everyone to try out these powerful tools for themselves.

As a reminder, to take full advantage of these features, you’ll need the World of Warcraft Mobile Armory app, available for free for your Android™ device, iPhone®, or iPod® touch. The app also includes a number of other handy tools:

Full Character Profiles
  • 3D Viewer
  • Activity Feed
  • Achievements
  • Character Stats
Remote Auction House
  • Browse Auctions
  • Create Auctions
  • Bid on Items
  • Claim Your Gold
Remote Guild Chat
  • Guild & Officers Channels
  • Saved Whisper Conversations
  • Guildmate Presence
  • Chat Push Notifications
Other Features
  • Guild Profiles
  • Realm Status
  • Talent Calculator
  • Item Browser
Download the app free here:

Google Play
App Store℠ for iPhone® and iPod touch®

Scroll Of Resurrection For Former Players

Scroll of Resurrection

For any former players wishing to dip their toe into WOW again - post here and I'm sure we could send a scroll to you...

Benefits apparently include one toon boosted to 80 with gear, free faction / realm change if needed and some nice mounts + 30 days free game time...

Check link anyways for full official details.

Oh....and a free upgrade to Cataclysm by the look of it? Is that right?!!! :blink:

Blizzard giving freeebies away :o

Warmaster Blackhorn And His Sappers

These little fellas made me laugh so much last night... I could barely concentrate.

The panic they caused me whenever Healga shouted "Sapper!"

Maku's reactions were awesome - lightning in fact! I had barely targeted the little bugger / mashing Fok before he had them Death Gripped and in Chains of Ice leaving me and Azb scratching our nuts wondering where he'd gone :blink:


Best bit of DS Ive seen so far :)

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